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The Trident

Vol.1 No.1 (1971)

The first issue of The Trident is, as its headline proclaims, “an SOS” or call to action. To this point the Trust had been occupied with the preservation of Christ Church in Quidi Vidi and was now realizing the size of the job ahead. Its editors state: “the job we feel should be done is too big and the group too small.” The bulletin outlines the “threefold program of the Trust”: 1. To inform by newsletter and media; 2. To protest against threats to historic properties; and 3. To raise money for the restoration and documentation of the same.

Dealing with the business of the Trust, the bulletin provides a financial statement, a message from the president, an announcement of the Trust’s first Annual General Meeting, and a list of members. In addition to the usual group positions, the Trust has a Director of Building, an Architectural Advisor, a Historical Researcher, and a Legal Advisor. A summary of Trust activity paints a picture of the frustration of obtaining funding from multiple levels of government. Meanwhile, the Trust has been restoring Christ Church out-of-pocket via fundraisers and loans.

Other articles include “Quidi Vidi and Christ Church” (n.a.), “The necessity of things historic” (Barbara Murphy), “But where is our history?” (Shannie Duff).

Items of interest: call for “exhibitions of all media” to promote the Trust, loss of Fort Townshend and Fort William