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Wrigglin’ Fence

Wrigglin’ Fence is a documentary video produced in 1977 by Don Wright, Neis Squires, and Randy Coffin through Memorial University’s Extension Service. It is 10:10 in length and follows the construction of a riddle fence, named for the “riddles” or “wriggle rods” which form its pickets. The film opens in winter, when a man harvests wood using a horse and sleigh. At 3:05 it cuts to the spring when the same man begins his fence. Steps depicted include: digging holes for fence posts, cutting and placing posts and horizontal boards (longers), and weaving riddles. The man talks to other residents and is helped by another man and children. The film thanks the Paddy Brothers of Port Kirwan, Newfoundland and Labrador.

A riddle fence is a practical vernacular form because it is built without nails and can be erected quickly. Riddles are woven in a criss-crossing fashion between horizontal logs (three, here) affixed to fence posts. The weave holds the fence together in tension and gives the fence a distinctive, dynamic look.

Link: http://collections.mun.ca/cdm/ref/collection/extension/id/466

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